Wednesday, May 15, 2019

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Bluetooth-capable Android phones to detect the presence of skimmers like the ones we reverse engineered. Earlier this year, the detectives came back and this time they had a new device for use to check out: A credit card shimmer.


A Emv Skimmer is a device that’s placed inside the ATM or POS to intercept communications and record the credit card between the the chip card and the chip reader from ATM or POS, in that way all the credit card information are stolen.
You will have fast and easy track 1, track 2 and the pin from all the credit card’s that use those ATM or POS.
You can download the information from the Emv Skimmer by connecting your phone or laptop by bluetooth to the Emv Skimmer.
EMV SKIMMER DEVICE like this can not only read the cardholder data from the chip, but it can also intercept the PIN.
EMV SKIMMER DEVICE creates a copy of the original card, including all standard authentication SDA-Static Data Authentication, DDA- Dynamic Data Authentication, the CDA-Combined Data Authentication.
With our EMV SKIMMER DEVICE you can get all credit card information very easy from any ATM or POS.
With EMV SKIMMER DEVICE you can get track 1 + 2 + Pin.

Product is available and works worldwide, you can use it in any country, because technology is same anywhere, it is like you are able use your master card or visa traveling around world, same is with EMV, you don`t need worry anymore about skimmer will fits on ATM etc. All instructions, software, everything is included.
Price for EMV Skimmer is only 1600$ with delivery included!

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